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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we have a minimum charge of 47 pounds that is in place to cover the minimum expenses of running a one or two man cleaning crew. In the charge are included the price of the service, transportation fees, insurance and worker wages. We find it a necessary evil, however, there are cases where this can be waved, if spoken with a manager.

A: We have what one would call “supplementary” services that have not been listed on the main page, but can be booked as a bundle with other services – like our air mover service that promotes better airflow in rooms where quick drying is required. We also have a Scotchgard service that is used to protect and prolong the life of all fibers. Call our team at 020 3746 8244 for more details.

A: By phone seems to be the fastest way, with always someone waiting to pick up the phone, you are guaranteed to get an answer. Joining our instant chat room is also a very good and quick way of contacting us, it’s free and instant.

A: Yes, you and your family’s safety are our top priorities. To guarantee it we use only the best in bio-degradable and environmentally friendly detergents, that do not have or promote the spreading of any allergens. It can in fact be seen as an drug-free allergy relief that comes at a very affordable price allowing us to deliver you a clean, safe home at reasonable rates.