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Reviewed by Stephan Craine on Aug 3, 2015

I am satisfied with the overall quality of the service, have been booking them for 6 months now and they have been tardy only once, though I suspect it was because of traffic and not other reasons. I am otherwise very happy with their pricing, the attitude of the customer support and the competence of the cleaners they send.


Reviewed by Bianca Malick on May 23, 2015

Cleaning a home on a budget is not easy, especially with several children, regular messes and little chance to clean stains it can get hectic quite easy, this is why I appreciate the professional service and attitude of companies like this one. They come prepared, don’t tarry and do their job efficiently and without causing trouble or getting in the way, something you rarely find in cleaning services. I was really surprised how quick and affordable this service was, very happy with their work, I would hire them again for sure.


Reviewed by John Covick on Mar 11, 2015

You don’t appreciate a professional cleaning service until you’ve had to use one. My little one had an accident while in bed with me and my wife and it was a ripe mess. We tried to clean it, but whatever we tried wasn’t cutting it, literally. I searched around a bit and found this service, gave a quick call and asked if they can help me and they said they can, schedule a visit for the next day. The cleaners arrived, well equipped it seemed and not only removed the stains but the odour as well. I am really happy with the results and I cannot thank them enough, you’ve saved us the chore of buying a new mattress.


Reviewed by Ethan Green on Feb 28, 2015

I was in a hurry because I had to catch a plane in 4 hours, but there was a spill that I was unable to clean and knew it needed to be cleaned straight away. So I called the hotline and expressed the urgency of the situation and they sent a cleaning crew right away – the perks of booking a local cleaning service. Anyway, they managed to remove the stain from the stairwell extremely fast, no marks left nothing, I paid them by hand and they were on their way. Very convenient and un-expensive.

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