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Skilful Rug Cleaning in Paddington W2

Dry Rug Cleaning Performed in PaddingtonWith our professional help you can be sure that no damage of the colours, fibers of general integrity of your exotic or regular rugs will be dealt. We can also guarantee the full extraction of stains dust and other pollutants quickly and safely. You will also enjoy:

  • Clear, more vivid colours
  • Soft to the touch fibers
  • Nice smelling textiles
  • No more dust particles
  • Full stain extraction and removal

We also do odour removal and fiber protection, just to seal the clean results and prolong the life of your rug’s fibers. Call us for more information at 020 3746 8244

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning in Paddington

Get your precious rugs cleaned by the leading rug experts in Paddington, Westminster, with over 10 years of experience and thousands satisfied customers, we can not only guarantee the spotless cleaning of your Persian rug but also that we can do it at the best prices around. We are confident that our cleaners can deal with any cleaning problem you might have, from stain removal, to dust accumulation and even bed bug and dust mite extermination, we can do it all.

Service Details

Dry cleaning – is used on extremely delicate and easy to damage surface, with a very gentle approach, this cleaning technique is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of cleaning natural rugs in the industry. It can successfully extract moisture and removal mold from all textile types, but is especially effective in the extraction of food, coffee, tea and other products out of delicate rug textiles. We apply a dust-like detergent on the affected area then spread it and imbed it into the fibers with a fine brush, wait for 15 so the compound can react with the stains then extract using a strong vacuum. No drying required, good for convenience and wet weather use.

Steam cleaning – is a very powerful treatment that fits into the “well rounded” service gap. It can extract stains, rejuvenate colours and fibers, neutralizes dust and odours and a lot more, using only one thing – steam. Its hygienic capabilities are superb for families with allergies and people who have easily irritating skins, it combined with a specialised detergent makes for an ideal ally in the battle for home cleanliness. Because its powerful effects, it is best used on synthetic and woolen surfaces, with only 5% moisture leftover, it is a very good alternative to the rest of the cleaning procedures.

Booking Our Services

For quick and hassle free booking, just call us at 020 3746 8244 and our team of experts will do their best to answer and address all of your concerns as well as give you a convenient time and date slot. We can accommodate same day booking, late night and early morning appointments and anything in between, just contact us right away.